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Moonstone - promotes intuition while helping you to apply the knowledge.  Moonstone energy relates to new beginnings and helps one to understand your destiny.  Helps you to get rid of emotional tension and enhances creativity.  Moonstone provides a connection to our physical, emotional and intellectual bodies to help us remove obstacles and progress on our paths while giving us guidance.  It is also known as a talisman of good fortune and protects us while traveling.
Garnet - is said to be the "stone of health".  It helps dissolve negative energy.  It speeds up manifestation by bring your creative energies to the forefront.  Garnets have a loving energy and monitors the flow of energy to the psychic centers so that you will be balanced in  your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Garnets are very cleansing and purifying.  Stimulates creativity, passion, & the circulatory system.
Garnet, Moonstone, Hematite, Swarovski Crystals, Black Onyx, hand made Balinese sterling silver, & antique key!  Adjustable length.  Hand linked sterling silver.  Green Rutilated Quartz at clasp.   $165.00





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Hematite - is called the "stone of the mind".  It helps with memory, with intellectual knowledge and the realizations of limitations. It is a calming stone and balances the nervous system or brings balance between the body, mind and spirit.  It helps in attaining a meditative state and to feel more grounded - it gets rid of fuzzy-headedness or that light headed feeling.  One of the most grounding stones among all.