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I design pieces of jewelry using my intuition.  I like to  make meaningful pieces that honor a particular intention, feeling, moment of time, turning point, dream, path, & struggle. 


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At the moment, I am not taking any more custom work.....thank you for inquiring!


Custom pieces start at $250.00. 

Your piece is given the same guarantee as my regular jewelry.  To read more about this, click My Guarantee

I require a 50% deposit before I begin work on your piece.  Your balance is due after you have given your final approval.  This being said, I will admit I rarely ask for a deposit.  I find that I often prefer to create pieces without worrying about deposits and such.  All jewelry must be paid for in total, within 30 days time.  Pieces gone unclaimed & unpaid for beyond this time are subject to my whim of the moment! 

To order a polishing cloth for shining sterling silver, click here