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Fellow Artists!

Amrita Apothecary  Sacred skin care & seasonal sensuals!  Creams, herbal oils, erotica, & recipes. 

Honoré Originals  One of a kind quilts beautifully made.

Wondrous Vulva Puppets by Dorrie Lane  Hand made limited edition soft sculpture combining fine silks, rich velvets and precious gems. Vulva Puppets are infused with potpourri, signed and dated. 

Blissful Botanicals - hand crafted herbal skin care and aromatherapy  Lovingly created creams for nurturing, healing, and blissful living. 

Jim McDonald, Michigan Herbalist  Weed walker, herbcrafter, green man, flutist.

Crafts 'N' Scraps  Original designs in polymer clay!

Jelveh Designs  Glass Beads Torched One-by-One.

Vera Nazarian  Speculative fiction author, artist, and creator of wonder.

Jacqueline Carey  Wonderful Michigan author of one of my favorite trilogies beginning with Kushiel's Dart.

Marcia Snedecor  Visionary and Spiritual Art Gallery.  Gorgeous ethereal art focusing on the universal language of archetype symbols.  So beautiful!

Bell Pine Art Farm   Sculptures in clay that mark and celebrate the many passages, sacred rites, transitions and connections encountered through life.   Pure magic!

Jewels in the Garden  Jule DeGroot creates one of a kind stained glass art ~ Inspired by Nature beautiful!

Sounds Divine



Some of my Favorite Links! 

The Work of Byron Katie - Byron Katie International    A life changing and amazing site for finding your own truths.

Silverleaf Renaissance Faire  My favorite medieval renaissance faire!  See pictures of my jewelry & kids here!

Bornfree!  The unassisted childbirth page.  A wonderful site about pregnancy & the joys of catching your own baby.

Living With Our Fertility  A wealth of information about menstrual cycles, natural birth control, fertility awareness, and a special teen section.  An amazing and empowering site!

Red Moon Herbs   Wild Crafted & Organic Herbal Remedies ~ hand crafted by wise women of the Blue Ridge.

Belly Blessings Birth Arts   Blessingways for pregnant women, supplies by Earth Mama Angel Baby, & Holistic Doula Services lovingly done by a lovely woman named Jacquelyn Smith.

007 Breasts  A wonderful site dedicated to breasts - health, breastfeeding, teens, body image, pictures of normal breasts, nursing animals, and breast taboo.  An excellent resource!! 

Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way  300+ Pages of Alternative Health Resources for Women ~ Susun Weed, herbalist and author of womens' health books.

La Leche League  To help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.

The Compleat Mother  The magazine of pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding. 

The Witches' Voice  Essays, poetry, news, interesting articles.

Barclay Wooden Blocks  Excellent large wooden blocks for children (and adults!).....the kind my grandparents had of the highest quality.  Even my set of 'seconds' is leaps and bounds above the junk sold in stores now.   Very nice people & great to work with!

Despair, Inc  A very funny site!  "Increasing success by lowering expectations"'ve gotta see his products.

Pregnancy After Miscarriage Support  An excellent forum to connect with other women who have had miscarriages...offers support & information.

Bellerophon Books   Wonderful & unusual coloring books for children of Greek Goddesses, Ancient History, Infamous Women, Medieval Women, Women Inventors & Composers, Ancient Greece, Egypt & America, Animals, & Literature. 

Joyous Birth  Unassisted Pregnancy & Childbirth Australia

Defenders of Wildlife Adoption Center   A truly meaningful gift to help save imperiled wildlife. Adopt an animal to celebrate the Winter Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion.




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