Ista Devata, Patroness of the Self

& ancient Indian Goddess

for manifestation, new growth, strength, rejuvenation, energy, & purification


Maw Sit Sit (very rare stone from Burma), Vessonite, Pietersite, Tourmaline (gold & green), Amber, Andalusite, Red Artistic Stone (Madagascar), old African Trade beads from Nigeria (1800's), Garnet, African Yellow Stone Jasper, Natural Carnelian, & hand made Balinese sterling silver!  Pendant is ancient Mohenjo Daro punch mark ~ the first coins of ancient India.  (2,600 years old and well circulated) Dimensions 1 inch x 3/4 inch.  Necklace length of 19 inches.  Arizona Turquoise at clasp.


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