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Wear your jewelry without wearing chemicals & oils on your neck.   This includes make up, hair spray, perfumes, and store bought lotions.  These products can coat jewelry & erode it.   Please don't wear your jewelry while swimming, exercising, house cleaning, caring for young children, showering or sleeping.  These activities are too hard on artisan jewelry and can damage it.  Please don't wear your jewelry overnight or sleep with it under your pillow. 



If you feel your jewelry is in need of cleaning, bathe your piece in a sacred bowl filled with warm water and a gentle soap.  Rub gently with only your fingers, pat dry, and lay to dry on a soft cloth. .  Beware of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, silver dips or other harsh chemicals....these methods damage hand made jewelry.  To order a polishing cloth, click here.



After  wearing your piece, use a soft cloth to gently polish the stones to remove any oils or dirt, then wrap in a soft cloth and place inside a plastic bag.  Store your piece where no light and minimal air will reach it.  This ritual helps protect your piece from scratching & oxidization which can tarnish silver.  Make sure you never hang jewelry from a hook or jewelry hanger...this places unnecessary stress on it!  Do not toss into a jewelry box unprotected or store on an end table.   Please do not store jewels in the bathroom as the humidity and heat are not good for your piece. 



If you notice your piece is looking 'worn' or is experiencing signs of wear, please consider having me restring your piece.  This is particularly true for bracelets...they experience the most wear.  Bracelets should be restrung periodically to avoid losing stones or other precious components.  I charge between $10 - $15 for restringing.   Contact Me whenever you would like a piece restrung!